Ways on How to Conserve Water in Your Yard

Posted on March 8, 2016 By

Figuring out how to conserve water in your yard is becoming increasingly more important, especially as the demand and price of water has started to increase in some areas of the country. As water shortages, lack or rain, water restrictions, and rapid building and development lead to more and more demand for water water conservation is becoming more and more important. Here are a few tips to conserve water in your yard that you can use to help fight this growing trend.

1. Use sprinklers in the morning to minimize evaporation and the need to re- water Cool soil will also absorb water more effectively than harder, dryer soil.

2. Use large water drops when you use your sprinkler. They’ll soak into the lawn easier so that there’s less evaporation.

3. Killing fast growing weeds early will help you to conserve water They can require more water or even rob your plants and grass of water requiring you to water more often.

4. Drywells are one of the newer water conservation tips. Install drywells in low spots of your lawn to capture run-off water for recycling.

5. Capture rainwater in a bucket, jar, or barrel and use it to water your flowerbeds. This is by far one of the easiest ways to conserve water.

6. You can also capture water from a shower or after taking a bath and use that to water as well.

7. Keep from fertilizing your lawn during the summer. Fast growing grass requires more water.

8. Mulch around all shrubs, trees, and flowers. This will keep the soil cooler and minimize evaporation.

9. Consider increasing the shade in your yard by planting new trees and mulching those too. You can consider if it’s time to put up a fence, add a garden structure, or throw in a canopy.

10. Install a timer or your sprinkler system or a rain sensor in your irrigation system that will use less water when it rains.

11. Conserve water in your gardens and flowerbeds by installing a drip-irrigation system. Drip-irrigation uses up to 70% less water than a sprinkler system and minimizes water runoff and evaporation. Connect your drip-irrigation to your planters, window boxes, and containers to save water and make them self-watering.

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